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Alena Kocheshkova

A leading human rights group says it has strong evidence Ukraine attacked populated areas of Donetsk with cluster bombs, banned by many other states.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses the army of using the deadly weapon, which scatters bomblets, to shell the rebel-held city earlier this month.
"While it was not possible to conclusively determine responsibility for many of the attacks, the evidence points to Ukrainian government forces' responsibility for several cluster munition attacks on Donetsk," it found.
"It is shocking to see a weapon that most countries have banned used so extensively in eastern Ukraine," said Mark Hiznay, senior arms researcher at HRW.

Ukraine did not sign up to the 2008 global treaty banning cluster bombs.

The SMM met members of the JCCC in the HQ in Debaltseve (100km south-east of Kramatorsk), including representatives of Ukraine and Russia, as well as “representatives” of the “DPR” and “LPR”. JCCC members reported 75 allegations of ceasefire violations in the whole sector, 15 of which they had been able to confirm. According to all representatives present, “DPR” and “LPR” had been responsible for two of these and Ukrainian Armed Forces for 13. They said that there had been increased numbers of unmanned aerial vehicles sighted in the area around Mariupol. The SMM and JCCC members heard outgoing artillery during their meeting.

At 12:00hrs, at a Ukrainian Army checkpoint on the northern outskirts of Debaltseve, the SMM observed indirect outgoing artillery fire towards the south. The artillery battery was located approximately 50 meters from civilian buildings and a number of civilians approached the SMM to express their concerns that this positioning put them at risk of being caught incounter battery fire.

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    чоррное земноводное

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